Into The Woods, The Witch

Want to know a little bit of background on the characters in the show? Here’s our interpretation of one of the characters, we like to think that everyone has a bit of an untold story…

The Witch, played by Samantha Flanagan

“I’m not good! I’m not bad! I’m just right!”


I was once a beautiful woman but I’m then cursed by my own mother for allowing the special beans to be stolen from my garden by my neighbour, the Bakers Father (the Mysterious Man). I was cursed with ugliness and due to this I also cursed the Bakers Father and his son, ‘their family tree will always be a barren one……..’

Witch 1The curse on the Baker’s family is a product of my vengeance which I readily admit, even though I’ve already taken his sister to raise as my own in exchange for some food.

I appear to the baker and his wife with a promise of a child and give them a cryptic list of items to obtain from the woods. This sets the story going, but you may be left wondering about my motives.

I transform back to a beautiful woman at the end of the first act. As for the second act, well that would be telling…

Character personality and traits

Outwardly: self-serving, possessive, sarcastic, vain, charismatic, bitter, and vengeful
Inwardly: insecure, lonely, and sad

My relationship with Rapunzel is probably my real weakness. I love her, yet still keep her locked in a tower. My excuse is protection, but the real reason is selfishness. I’m just too scared to lose her.

Into the Woods is on at Hull Truck Theatre 7-11 July 2015. To book tickets call the Box Office on 01482 323638 or book online.