Into The Woods, Little Red Riding Hood

Want to know a little bit of background on the characters in the show? Here’s our interpretation of one of the characters, we like to think that everyone has a bit of an untold story…

Little Red Riding Hood, played by Olivia Hewitt-Jones

What kind of person are you?

I’m young, lively, loud, outgoing, sometimes rude but I don’t always intend to be. I’m smiley, unexperienced in dealing with problems or situations. Oh, I also eat a lot and can be rather feisty at times.

Tell us a little bit about your back story.

I live with my mother who adores me and treats me almost like a little doll. I also have a close relationship with my Granny who spoils me. I’m an only child and don’t really have many friends my own age due to my strong personality.

What happens to you?

I head out into the woods to take bread and wine to Granny and have some interesting encounters with the Wolf and the Baker…

What scares you / What excites you

Nothing! (except wolves). Excited by the thought of adventure and/or food

Tell us about your relationships with other characters in the showRed and bread

I’m not particularly suspicious of the wolf and not at all scared when I meet him. He seemed very nice. However when I go to Granny’s house I realise that I was wrong about him. This makes me start to doubt a lot about the way I think and what I’ve been told as I realises not all people are what you think they are.

When I meet Jack in the woods, I start to show off about my cape. Then he tries to be better than me by showing off about a golden egg. I don’t believe him and at first think he’s mad when he starts to talk about a kingdom in the sky. I then just thinks he’s a liar and walk away; he is a very very odd boy.!

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