Babes In The Wood

December 2022


Robin Hood – Hannah Wilson
Marian – Sarah Brodie
Dolly – Martin Beaumont
Simon – Mark Jardine
Sheriff – Mark Gillyon-Powell
Slap – Connor Wilson
Tickle – Christian Brodie
Diddles – Sally Hague
Friar Tuck – Kelly Lightfoot
Jane – Isla Brodie
Tommy – Archie Phillips
Fairy – Ellie Kirby
Will Scarlet – Richard Foot
Alan a Dale – Megan Wilson
Much the miller – Rachel Wheatley
King Richard – Sarah-Lucy Penny


Lesley Cussons
Emily Calvert
Richard Foot
Dot Gilchrist
Douglas Julian
Kerry Leslie
Katie Leslie
Allison Owen
Sarah-Lucy Penny
Lilly Porter
Abigail Potter
Joseph Walker
Ruby Welborn
Rachel Wheatley
Megan Wilson