Avenue Q

Avenue Q – Hull Truck Theatre, July 2016 …

Hessle Theatre Company are proud to announce that we will be performing the award winning musical AVENUE Q at Hull Truck Theatre between 12-16 July 2016.

Director: Richard Foot
Musical Director: Ian Appleyard

Cast List

Puppet Characters

Princeton – Jack Simmonds
Kate Monster – Rachel Waters
Nicky – James Galer
Rod – Luke Gillingham
Trekkie Monster – Nathan Major
Lucy – Sarah Brodie
Bad Idea Bear – Aiden Thompson-Coates
Bad Idea Bear – Sally Hague
Mrs T. and Nicky second hand – Katherine Fitzgerald
Ricky/Newcomer and Trekkie second hand – Joe Porte

Human Characters

Christmas Eve – Tiolina Puteh
Brian – Russell Fallon
Gary Coleman – Michelle Metcalfe

Show outline 

Winner of the Tony Triple Crown for Best Musical, Best Score and Best Book, the hilarious Avenue Q tells the timeless story of a recent college graduate trying to find his way in the world. Set in New York City, on Avenue Q, we are introduced to fresh-faced Princeton as he struggles to find his purpose. Inspired by the beloved children’s show Sesame Street, Avenue Q creates a puppet-filled world that is a little more reflective of the difficult, R-rated realities that we face when we learn that real life isn’t as simple as we dreamed it might be – but, perhaps, life is all the more colourful and worthwhile for it.