The Hired Man – a teaser…

For those of you who haven’t seen THE HIRED MAN previously, we thought we’d give you a little background on the show, just so you know what to expect when coming along.

THE HIRED MAN begins at the turn of the 20th Century when young newlyweds, John & Emily, start a fresh life in the Cumbrian farmlands where they can raise a family and fulfil John’s passion of working the land. The joys of hiring fairs and village festivities begin to pale in the face of life’s struggles and soon Emily is warmed by the attentions of the local heartthrob, Jackson, with painful consequences.

Leaving for town life with their two children, the bonds of the family are further tested by the challenges of colliery life and the ultimate tragedies brought by the Great War. Based on Melvyn Bragg’s epic novel, THE HIRED MAN is a powerful celebration of the British survival spirit and a heart-rending testament to the enduring power of love.

When THE HIRED MAN was originally produced in the West End by Andrew Lloyd Webber it was hailed as the “British Les Miserables” for its soaring music, epic story and emotional heart. It won the Ivor Novello Award for Best Musical, the TMA Award for Best Musical and earned four Olivier Award nominations.

The show is being directed by Martin Beaumont and has been on his list of favourite productions for many years.

Martin explains “The Hired Man has had a very special place in my heart, having fallen in love with the cast recording of the show over 30 years ago. As an audience member, my reaction to the piece has always been incredibly powerful and it never fails to stir strong feelings and leave me exhilarated by a damn good story (and having had a good old cry!)…”

He adds “There is a purity of intent, a truth and simplicity in the story and the way it is told that is extremely potent. The story is one of ordinary people’s lives, like you or I, who have to overcome life’s struggles and find love and forgiveness (of each other and oneself). There are no sumptuous balls, or sunset romances: but life-changing events around the kitchen table or in the mud-filled trenches of the Great War. And the music and lyrics are uncomplicated by pretension and hit you straight in the gut – raising the roof or tearing directly at your heart.”

Performance Details
Hull Truck Theatre Tuesday 26th April 2016 to Saturday 30th April 2016 with performances every night and a Saturday matinee – call 01482 323628 or visit