We are working with Hull New Theatre to explore options to bring the show to the stage in the future and ask you to look out for details in relation to refunds or transfers. Please allow the staff at the New Theatre to work through the shows preceding our slot and look out for more updates when we are in a position to do so as soon as possible.

“Shrek the musical” Cast List


Shrek – Russell Fallon
Donkey – Harry Owen
Fiona – Sarah Brodie
Lord Farquaad – Joe Porte
Dragon – Georgina Garton
Pinocchio – James Galer
Gingy/Sugar Plum Fairy – Elinor Kirby

Young Shrek – Archie Phillips & Elliot Samuel
Young Fiona – Jazmin Lacy & Lily Porter
Teen Fiona – Emily Brook

3 Blind Mice – Nicola Wilson, Georgia Wormald, Holly Brigdon
Captain of the Guards – Sam Mitchell
Three Pigs – Mark Jardine / Tim Drage / Nathan Major
Big Bad Wolf – Kieran Danby
Wicked Witch – Rachel Bower
Humpty Dumpty – Georgia Wormald
Mad Hatter – Richard Foot
Mamma Bear – Katherine Fitzgerald
Papa Bear – Kevin Hickson
Baby Bear – Courtney Puckering
Fairy Godmother – Emma Rokahr
White Rabbit – Aaron Bolton
Peter Pan – Owen Hyde
Ugly Duckling – Sarah-Lucy Penny

Cavalier Vert – Jono Wainman
Pied Piper – Daniel Bamber
Goose Girl – Nicola Wilson
Red Riding Hood – Emily Brook
Mother Hubbard – Sue Bielby
Gretyl – Holly Brigdon
Queen of Hearts – Sophie Robinson
Baker’s Wife – Hannah Colthup
Jack’s Mum – Beth Moran
Jack’s Dad – Luke Cardwell
Tooth Fairy – Kimberley Fletcher
Grumpy – David Cameron
Knights – Alistair Hull, Ian Appleyard, Josh Butler, Sam Mitchell
Guards – Alistair Hull, David Cameron, Ian Appleyard, Josh Butler,
Daniel Bamber

Mama Ogre – Georgina Garton
Papa Ogre – Jon Evison
Queen Lillian/Fiona Double – Sally Hague
King Harold/Bishop – Ian Appleyard

Head Dragon Puppeteer – Sally Hague
Assistant Dragon Puppeteers – Abigail Potter, Colin Thompson, John Drury, Jono Wainman

Alice Hemingway, Allison Owen, Dot Gilchrist, Elise Johnson, Katie Flanagan, Kerry Leslie, Kimberley Fletcher, Rachel Gilroy, Sam Blakey

Abigail Potter, Alison Imrie, Alistair Hull, Elaine Windass, Evie Parker, Joanne Holmes, Josh Butler, Katie Osindeinde, Rebecca Hunt, Ryah Russell, Tanya Sylvia, Daniel Bamber