Into The Woods – Rapunzel

Want to know a little bit of background on the characters in the show? Here’s our interpretation of one of the characters, we like to think that everyone has a bit of an untold story…

Rapunzel, played by Bekki Grange

What kind of person are you, what character traits do you have?

Having spent all of my life to date confined in my tower, seeing nothing more than a woodland landscape and my only company being my mother (the witch), I am a very vulnerable and naïve young woman. I am loving and appreciative of my mother’s care – she has allowed me to live safely and happily, however I am now becoming of an age where ‘I am no longer a child’ and ‘I wish to see the world’.

Tell us a little bit about your back story

I have lived in a tower all of my life. My mother took me there when I was just a baby, out of love and protection. I know nothing of the world, and unfortunately the overly sheltered life my mother has provided for me, has only increased my curiosity and led me to secretly stray from my tower, entering the world with very little knowledge of it.

What happens to you in the show?

A handsome prince visits me in my tower, and although I try to hide this from my mother, she finds out and I am severely punished. She cuts my beautiful hair and banishes me to a desert with no food or company. If this situation wasn’t difficult enough, I am utterly traumatised when I find myself giving birth to twins completely alone.
Witch and rapunzel A

What scares you / What excites you?

The world excites me but it scares me too – my mother tells me about princes, wolves and humans out there in the world and that I should stay in the tower where she can shield me from them.

Tell us about her relationships with other characters in the show

I love my mother dearly, but at the same time I am afraid of her. She cannot bear to let me venture into the world and experience life which I so desperately want to do. My prince made me feel special – I got butterflies in my tummy when he used to visit me. I felt incredibly guilty and upset when my mother found out and blinded him.

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