Into The Woods, Mr Wolf

Want to know a little bit of background on the characters in the show? Here’s our interpretation of one of the characters, we like to think that everyone has a bit of an untold story…

The Wolf, played by Richard Foot

Your name?

…err “Mr Wolf”

What kind of person are you?

Charismatic and quite cultured for your average wolf, yet sly and predatory too!

Tell us a little bit about your back story.

I am one of the few wolves left in the wood after a recent culling. With no family left I tend to wander solitary though the woods hoping to stumble across some “rare” meat!

What kind of things happen to you?

My path crosses with an annoyingly tasty looking girl wearing a hideously bright red cape! Hunger strikes and feeling rather peckish the girl comes to a mysterious end…

What scares you / What excites you?

I am excited by the thought of “eating out” and enjoy woodland walks. Being quite vain, I’m scared of my receding furline…

Tell us about yoWolfur relationships with other characters in the show

I have a very close relationship with two characters in the show, Little Red and Granny. These two females tend to really get under my skin and I’m sure one day they’ll be the death of me!

Into the Woods is on at Hull Truck Theatre 7-11 July 2015. To book tickets call the Box Office on 01482 323638 or book online.