Avenue Q, Bad Idea Bears

Want to know a little bit of background on the characters in the show? Here’s a little background info from the characters themselves

Name: Hey, we’re the Bad Idea Bears – Blake & Betty (brother & sister)

What kind of bears are you:
Blake: My sister and I LOVE people to have a good time. You only live once so have fun, right?
Betty: I am often  described as seemingly sweet and innocent. I am mischievous and cheeky, with an incredibly cute charm that’ll make anyone fall in love.

So what’s your story:
 When we think people need some guidance on how to make themselves happy, we’ll appear in no time. Everybody is our friend! YAAAAAY!
Betty: I give good idea’s really, popping up into people’s imagination. They may feel down or lost in life so I like to lend a little helping paw.

What happens to you:
Blake: We spend the show encouraging fun and happy times from Princeton, Kate and the others, but I guess sooner or later, we’re going to have to settle down a bit.
Betty: I find scientology. Yeeeeeeeeey!!

Tell us about your relationships with others in the avenue:
My sister and I are inseparable, we’ve been through loads together. Because of how close we are, we nearly ALWAYS get our own way when telling people what they should do. Ehehehe!
My brother and I have an extremely close relationship. We don’t go anywhere without each other and are keen on being a team! We look out for each other, always working together to cheer people up by creating these good idea’s we have, although everyone else says they’re bad!

A personal message for anyone coming to the show:
Blake:  THE MORE THE MERRIER SO GET MORE PEOPLE TO COME WITH YOU. If it’s not sold out, our cuteness will fade away AND WE’LL CRY . . . . . Pleeeeeeaase?
Betty: You’re all in for a treat, especially because you’re going to see us bears! After all, we all know we’re the true stars of the show.

Avenue Q is on at Hull Truck Theatre 12-16 July 2016. To book tickets call the Box Office on 01482 323638 or book online.