Jack and the Beanstalk

It may be the middle of summer but our annual Panto team has been busy getting set for the start of the audition process for ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Due to the demand shown last year, we have adjusted the audition process to give you more opportunity to show yourself off to our panel.

Our shows will be on Friday 6th December 7.30pm, Sat 7th December 2 pm and 7pm and Sunday 8th December 2pm. We will be holding all rehearsals on Sunday evenings around 7pm at Derringham Bank Church, adding Wednesday evenings for the month of November. Rehearsals will not clash in with Shrek rehearsals so this will not affect you if you want to take part in both productions, so this is open to everyone. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the pantomime will be finished before Shrek rehearsals move to more than once a week.

The read through, with added songs, will be held on Sunday 4th August 7.15pm at Derringham Bank Church. During this evening we will read through the script allowing anyone who wants to read in some of the scenes for the characters. At the end of the evening we will hand out your audition pieces and auditions will take place on Sat 17th August between 11-4 pm also at Hessle Town Hall.

Below is a list of character outlines :

Dame Hilda Trot (male) – Downtrodden Dame who keeps getting up

Jack Trot (female) – Handsome son and heir of Hilda ( Principal Boy )

Timmy Trot (male) – Not quite so handsome brother of Jack

Squire Knackweasel (male) – Mean and Ruthless squire of Piddlington

Jill (female) – Beautiful Daughter of the squire ( Principal Girl )

Daisy (two people) – Hilda’s faithful old cow

Sergeant Fiddles (m or F) – Bumbling head of Piddlington Army

Corporal Diddles (m or F) – His dim but loyal assistant (Ideally a puppet)

Ferdinand Fleshcreep(male) – The Giants sidekick , But the Main “Baddy”

Fairy Happiness (female) – Traditional Fairy loved by all

Beryl Blackheart (female) – The Giants most unfriendly wife

Giant Blunderbore (male) – Has a penchant “Fee Fi Fo fum-ing”

If you are interested in coming along please email Russell Fallon on rusty_fallon@hotmail.com so we can start to plan the audition process.